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"Are you cool?" No im preatty lame actualy lol lo (smiles adorably)

As i was little i remember they use to tell me that when i got lost for hours and they would found me, i was never crying and i was always calm. And sadly for my loved ones, i discovered that is because i love it. I'm addicted to danger, even though i have a harmless personalty. I go by the name Red Coat 0

Interests: i guess... i like to draw, swim, getting lost (the scarier the better no kidding, love the dark) and...i dont get bored asealy, as you can see, but i love talking as much as i love being alone ( I dont know why peple find it like such a torcher, i love it. Me time! clear up: i like beng alone, i just dont like beng a bother.) Im preaty... no verry nice. But i can tend to get preatty ruff (especialy at games eny sort). I colect blank books,music boxes and antiques. And sance i already met my beloved, beutifull Jesus, all my dreams have already come true. So all i want to do now is Fly... grow my own wings and fly away(silly isin't it...shut up!...(sob) -__- ..." ^-^ " !! (up again) . I also LOVE LOVE LOVE watching sermons. FROM GOOD PRECHERS! not the lame aroknow nothing about god preachers. Good preachers such as Ana Mendez Ferell, Denis and Awilda, Dioni Baez, Heidi Baker,Tito Caban ect.


Cardcaptors 1 movie,(this one along with spirited away i havent seen in years) Power Puff Girls The Movie(sadly), Spirited Away, Lion King, Godzilla, the princess and the goblin, Balto, Hutch Back Of Notre Dame, The Boy In The Stripet Pajamas,(love friendship movies) Anastasia, Dinasours,Elizabeth :The Golden Age. Daylight, Dantes Peack, Independants Day.escaflowne Rurouni Kenshin. Smash Bros.(Melee,Brawl) Tomb Rader (first five. hate the new ones).Lost Kingdoms.The anime CHARACTER that reminds me more of my self is Kenshin Himura (even thow his a guy) but i have 5 girls to valance it out. Loooove  Ryoko,skinny body but a toghf one. one of the best woriors ive ever seen wao! Unbreakable spirit. Hate Link games. But im a Midna Fan and a bit of Zeldas/Sheik. Wish (the books) i have the haircut of the protagonist angel Kohaku. hitomi, she got slapt on the face and all she said was "auu". Shisei from "Saikano" guilty fest enywone?.


Mi Deseo. (HS). Espiritu Santo. Quiero Adorarte. (CR). Only Jesus (Hillsong). Marios Rainbow Catle. Tomb Rader (main theme music). Kiseki no Umi(my favorate song, very corages and no lovydovy same o same o) , Secret melody,Head, Red. Tecno, Clasics, Rock, New Age. Rap. (Krumping. even thogh is a dance)Enya. Hate pop and normal music. Love Backstreet Boys. Trance, nightcore and nexus (tecno bands). I tend to listen more to the background than the lirics, maybe thats why all my music is instrumentals.


Bible, Heaven Is So Real, Guerra De Alto Nivel. STRONGER by head, This Present Darkness, Una Vida Con Proposito, Rapunzel

This is my you tube Site:…


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redcoat0 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Black rock shoter
Thogh i cant move right now,
A light shines inside until the end...
I will shoot a wish to the stars for you my friend.
redcoat0 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Look at the sun...
Look how it shines for you...
And everything you are...
And it was soo yellow.
redcoat0 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You did all you did greate.
-daylight, silvester stalon.
redcoat0 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
eso e mental
redcoat0 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
My heart is broken.
This time i do not say perhaps.
It has been violated once to often,
It has no streanght left.
No streanght to resurect it self and asume its former glory...
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